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Radiation Therapy is the use of ionising radiation to kill tumor cells.

The radiation is delivered by a highly specialised machine, a linear accelerator, which focuses a beam of radiation energy onto the cancerous cells. The beams are shaped using special dynamic equipment and are aimed at the tumor from various different angles for various lengths of time to ensure that the tumor receives the maximum dose of radiation whilst the surrounding tissues are spared, minimising the side effects associated with this treatment.

Radiation therapy can be used to treat cancer with the intent to cure the patient, or to relieve symptoms and extend survival depending on the type, location and stage of the cancer as well as the general health of the patient. It can also be used on its own or in conjunction with other modes of treatment such as chemotherapy and surgery.

NOC houses one of the most advanced external radiation therapy delivery modules available today: the Elekta Synergy linear accelerator. Comprehensive treatment planning is conducted in collaboration with the centre’s physicist and Oncologists, altogether ensuring the safest, most efficient and effective radiation treatment is delivered to our patients. Treatment is administered by our dynamic team of Radiation Therapists and monitored closely by our Medical Physicist and treating Oncologists. We offer a variety of radiotherapy techniques, including the latest techniques: IMRT & VMAT.