Windhoek (Eros): +264 (0) 83 330 5015 | Windhoek (Khomasdal): +264 (0) 83 334 1061 | Swakopmund: +264 (0) 83 334 1081

The Namibian Oncology Centre offers progressive, comprehensive cancer care through sophisticated treatment modalities whilst simultaneously promoting early detection, treatment and prevention of cancers.

Our comprehensive service offerings include Clinical and Radiation Oncologists, a Paediatric Oncologist, Radiation therapy services, Chemotherapy services, a dedicated Oncology Pharmacy, Counselling services, Occupational Therapy services and a 16-bed cancer care ward including a specialised isolation unit.

We also offer prostate brachytherapy services in collaboration with a team of local Urologists and Haematology Oncology services in collaboration with local- and international Clinical Haematologists.

We have branches in Windhoek and Swakopmund and also offer consulting services in Ondangwa on a regular basis.